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Update on some stuff...

What happened to me? I am [kind of] trying to contemplate why I have made such a big shift from watching a crap load of anime and very little American television (outside of sports) to watching alot of American TV shows and very little anime. Maybe my brain has just become too fried from all this reading and studying that I was not accustomed to doing in my high school days and I've gotten too lazy to read subtitles. Or maybe I need to multi-task and do work while I watch TV and watching American TV where I can understand what's going on by listening and periodically watching allows me to do so. Anyways... many of my favorite TV shows will be concluding (season-wise) this week and next. These include Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, The Office, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, The Sopranos, and Entourage. Hmmm, maybe when all all these shows end and I'm not being constantly bombarded with school stuff I can actually get in a significant amount of anime outside of Bleach... hmmmm.

Anyways... this past week we did some mid-quarter TA (teaching assistant) evaluations, which mainly serve to identify what I'm good at and what I suck at so I can make the proper amendments to better serve my students. Evals were fine, most of my students don't seem to hate me nearly as much as I think. Naturally, quite a few made comments about how I can at times talk incomprehensibly fast. On a hilarious and totally awesome side note, some of my students drew pictures (nothing bad or naughty!) of me on th evals! hahaha. And oh yeah, I get to hold a review session on Saturday afternoon for the entire class before their exam this coming Monday. What does that mean? It means that I get to teach in front of anywhere from 200-250 students all the material (kind of) that they need to know for the test all by myself! (No pressure... right?)

Anyways, my brain is cooked. I've spent too much time studying the past week for Corporate Finance (someone, please shoot me now) and I have to teach tomorrow. I need this week to be over badly so I can just RELAX!

(I think I'll probably always be sleepy when I'm writing one of these things...)


The only thing I watch regularly on TV is America's Top Model. ^^; That and a lot of nightly news... 20/20 as well. I started watching Heroes pretty late (two weeks ago.) I hope that they'll show re-runs of it during the summer.

The star of Scrubs, Zach Braff, graduated from my high school. ^^

Well, when you have time to watch other anime series, you must check out Death Note!
Heroes is cool. It starts out kind of slow because it has to introduce a ton of characters and make them relevant to the big picture. However, I personally think it's a big payoff since it starts getting really, really good towards the latter parts (I'm dieing for the season finale tomorrow (Monday).

I will definitely look into Death Note. As far as I can tell it seems to be getting a ton of positive buzz, and my cousin won't stop nagging me to watch...
I watched a lot of TV shows during my undergrad, and very little anime.

And in pharmacy school, I tend to watch lots of anime when classes are in session. I didn't have a TV when I was on campus, thus my laptop and radio clock were my sources of entertainment outside of my studies.

Sadly, even though I am at home right now and NOT taking classes until the fall, I barely have time to watch both anime or TV because I'm constantly at work...and them zombie-like when I get home afterwards. Still, I try my best to squeeze something in during the weekends.

Erg. TA-ing. I used to work as TA for one of my pharmacy teachers. It was ok. The students didn't hate me, I just...wanted to strangle the students. Their heads were waaaaay too inflated. Geez...
Work? Bah, I'm not looking forward to adult life too much. I'm gonna be a freakin [public] accountant, so I'm pretty sure I'll have the same zombie-like feeling on many days.

Hahahaha. Maybe it's because that was for pharmacy school and all the kids feel entitled and like they're so damn smart because they're finally in. Not so much so for me since I'm TA'ing for an introductory accounting class. My students just sit tightly and listen obediently... 8)

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