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Absolutely Unbelievable

So the most unbelievable incredible thing happened to me last Friday. It was the last set of sections that I was to teach for the quarter. I finished teaching my first section and thanked my students for coming to class and giving me the opportunity to teach them. I asked them to fill out evaluations and the most pleasantly unexpected thing happened... they spontaneously started clapping and applauding me. It was... amazing. I was speechless and so incredibly flustered that I could not help but have a big, gigantic grin on my face for the next couple minutes. It was such an incredible nice gesture that it just made my day. Didn't matter what happened because it put me on such a high that I simply could not be brought down. I work hard to make sure that I do the best job I can possible do to teach my students and genuinely care about helping them as much as I possibly can (and I am dead serious when I say that this is not an ego-trip at all). This gesture is them telling me that I did a good job and I cannot fully express how highly appreciative I am of that.

I just had to share that, I really did. I don't think I have ever been this flattered or flustered in my entire life (it was that amazing to me)...

On another note, another year of college passes by as I am finished with finals. I'll actually be hanging around school this time for the summer (which should be fun). Also, since I'm not going to be nearly as busy during the summer, I am welcoming any and all suggestions for anime that I should look into checking out. As you guys know I've been out of the anime loop for quite a while and I'm looking to satisfy that itch. So far I've basically only been following Bleach and I'm definitely going to look into Death Note. Any and all suggestions are welcome, so throw 'em out there!


Wow! That really must have been a heartwarming experience! If I were in your place I would have teared up. How big is your class?

So, you'll have time for some anime watching this summer, huh? I'll recommend a couple: Black Lagoon and Claymore.

Black Lagoon ended last year. I started watching it this year and I thought it was excellent. It's 24 eps long slit into two seasons. The 2nd season being called Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage. This anime is very violent (lots of gun shoot outs) and vulgar. But it's oh so good! Faye Valentine has nothing against Revy.

Claymore is my current favorite. (Purposely did not link to the Wiki page because it contains major spoilers.) This show is currently airing with 11 out of 26 episodes released. It starts out kinda blandish, but the fun beings at ep 5! As with Black Lagoon, this series is highly violent. You'll get used to seeing limbs being severed and head decapitations.

A few others you should check out: Gankutsuou, Gantz and Hajime no Ippo. The latter is pretty long (76 eps), but it's excellent!!

Well, that's it from me. :D uh... I should get back to watching Bleach. I don't know. I skipped eps 68(?)-112. Then I resumed watching it up to episode 117 and I just can't get into it anymore.
That's awesome! Glad to hear you made a wonderful TA and your students really, *really* appreciated you. You must be honored. :3

Anime to recommend....plenty that I haven't seen yet. ^^ I hear Claymore's really good. And Darker Than Black. Seto no Hanayome's pretty funny. I'll think up some more for you later on. ^_~

Hm, hey are you going to Anime Expo? I'm thinking of going at the last minute, but I'd only be able to arrive either late Saturday or early Sunday. And there's two really cool people (one guest, one a former guest), plus another friend (or two) I'd like to see again. Problem is, I'd have to coordinate this really quickly and I don't have a place to stay at the moment.

Haha, that's what I get for spur-of-the-moment plans. On the other hand, I'd LOVE to be able to meet you! Seeing as how we didn't get to over the Memorial Day weekend... I'm not fully 100% sure of my flying or riding over there yet (more like 80%), but I thought I'd drop that in to let you know. ^_^ Let me know soon too!
Wow, I think it's really wonderful that your students showed their appreciation for your hard work. It put a smile on my face to read about it. =)

On anime recommendations, before all else, I heartily recommend Monster. =D

It's smart and riveting, and one of the best I've ever watched. Basically a crime/mystery/investigative series about a serial killer the likes of which you have never seen. It's a long series, but certainly highly addictive and thought-provoking. You can download all the episodes from one of the bots on Anime-Kraze.

(That bot has complete episodes of other series such as Gankutsuou and Speed Grapher, which I recommend. See below. 8) )

I second pearlmagic's recommendations of Gankutsuou and Black Lagoon. Gankutsuou has a very distinctive visual style which may take a little getting used to (lots of colors, textures and movement) but the plot is rich and well-constructed. It's based on the story of the Count of Monte Cristo, but it's really original in its re-interpretation. =) Black Lagoon is loud, frantic and action-packed and simply kicks at least 300 different kinds of ass. Pure adrenalin-driven stuff. 8)

Another recommendation: Speed Grapher. About a war photographer who discovers a dark, secret and violent world of dirty politics, moral depravity and genetic experimentation. I loved this one. The story appealed to that side of my nature which is bloodthirsty and perverse. XD

If you want a change from all that testosterone-driven stuff, I suggest Honey & Clover. (Watch the first season.) It's a slice-of-university-life kind of series, with a generous dose of quirky humor (Morita-san! XD) and an honest depiction of love and infatuation. Very bittersweet, very character-driven. I don't usually enjoy anime that doesn't involve loud explosions and bloody decapitations but Honey & Clover won me over. =)

Last but certainly not least, please watch Mushishi if you can. I love this one for its simplicity and yet very thought-provoking nature. It's really hard to give a summary of what this series is about but if you like the first episode, keep going. Gorgeous artwork, wonderful stories, unforgettable characters. It's not an action series, not a romantic series, not a fantasy series. Like I said, hard to describe. But almost very single episode of Mushishi moved me. A truly fine, original and satisfying series.

Let me know if you decide to watch any of the above. =)


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