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Monster... Holy Freaking Crap

So with only taking a couple classes over the summer and having alot more free time than I am normally accustomed to, I began getting back on track and watching Monster.

WOW. Unbelievable. Amazing. Sensational. There really are no adjectives that I can properly use that can do this series justice because it is that damn good. I left off on episode 24 a couple years back and started watching yesterday. 21-episodes later I'm absolutely stunned at the events that have transpired. I was slightly confused at first since it had been a while but once I got back into the groove of things I have been completely enthralled in its amazingly deep and compelling storyline to go along with its fastinating, complex, and intriguing characters.

The story unfolds at a picture perfect pace as every episode feels as if it is important to its progression. It is so tightly written and directed that even though there seem to be so many things going on and many new questions are raised throughout it always feels very focused in what it is trying to accomplish. Even seemingly meaningless details that may be overlooked are significant and intricately woven into its plot. One of the reasons I find Monster to be so compelling is that I pay close attention to what is going on because every little intricate detail could potentially be significant (and I'm sure I'm still probably missing alot of stuff).

I feel like its pacing is impeccable as it never feels like it is rushing through something or dragging on. There are plenty of those "holy crap did that really freakin happen?!" moments along with plenty of nasty cliffhangers to keep you begging for more. The most recent WTF moment for me came in episode 44: (SPOILER, highlight to view) When "Anna" goes back to the apartment and reveals that he is really Johan. I was absolutely floored as my jaw dropped to the floor.

There's still another 30-episodes to go and I cannot wait to get through them all and see how everything plays out. It's almost unbeliveable to me but the plot just gets more and more compelling with each and every new twist. I highly, highly reccomend this to anyone and everyone who has not had the pleasure of enjoying it because I really cannot say enough great things about it.


I left off at episode 23 a couple years ago. I definitely plan on getting back to it. :D

December 2007

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